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Banking Tips for Young Millenials

Published March 29, 2017

Once you start receiving your first paychecks after graduation, knowing how to spend or save your money wisely can be tough. While you may be able to do your banking with just a few taps on your phone, managing money well is much more complicated. Here are a few tips to help you get started.
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High School Essay Participants Learn Credit Union Values

Published March 22, 2017

Each year for an annual high school essay competition, Meriwest Credit Union asks young members to “think outside the box” and give a different perspective of how they see a credit union. The annual competition is designed to motivate and support high school students in grades 9-12 who are planning to continue their academic achievements in college. 
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Have a Social Life in College Without Breaking the Bank

Published March 21, 2017

Whether you’re just starting out on campus or you're in your last year, you should seriously consider spending some time focusing on your finances. It may be tempting to consistently drain your bank account in the moment for a fun out and then survive on Top Ramen for weeks until your next pay check, however, knowing how to save your cash will save you endless headaches and frustration down the road. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your finances in order and avoid asking your parents for more money..
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Avoid Tax Season Scams

Published Feb. 27, 2017

Every tax season, scammers target taxpayers on the internet, by email and over the phone to trick them into sending money or divulging financial information.

Below are some tips from Meriwest Compliance Officer Victoria Casey on what to look out for and what to do in the event you are targeted.
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Charity of the Month: Abode Services

Published Feb. 9, 2017

“I am living now, not surviving,” a woman who uses Abode Services said. “There is a big difference between the two. Now I can take care of myself, and if I struggle I have a case manager I can go and talk with. A whole new world has opened up for me. I feel 10 million times better.”

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Meriwest Employees Share Why They Love Credit Unions

Published January 26, 2017

So what are the distinctions between credit unions and banks? Maybe you’ve heard some information about how a credit union differs from a bank, such as: Credit unions are not-for-profit, which enables us to put savings back into benefits for our members that lowers fees and facilitates other customer advantages; Whereas, banks are run by stakeholders, who personally profit from fees.
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11:36 AM

Banking Tips to Help Millennials in 2017

Published Jan. 19, 2017

As a millennial, you probably know some basics about finances, such as to not pay your bills late. However, there's always more to learn! You may not have thought about the following tips, but you should start considering them in 2017.

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