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Meriwest Manager Speaks to Kiddos at Career Day

Published May 28, 2015

By Bryan Fischer

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to students at Laurelwood Elementary School for their annual Career Day.  The last time I was at Laurelwood was for Read Across America day, where I was dressed as Cat and the Hat!  The principal said she almost didn't recognize me without my costume :)

Joined by a CHP Officer, 2 Firemen, a Martial Arts Instructor, to name a few,  the student liaison we were paired with walked me over to room 2.  My first of 3 classes (3rd graders) were waiting patiently in their seats where the teacher gave me a quick introduction and I took over from there.  I shared with the students how I got to where I am now with Meriwest, some of the things I do on a daily basis, how we help people achieve their financial dreams, etc.

During the course of my speech, I would interject side questions like "By a show of hands, how many of you have a savings account?" and "If I want to buy something I really want, is it a good idea to save my money to be able to do that?" to keep the class entertained and engaged.  The question all the kids liked was "If I buy Starbucks each school day, and I spend $5 each time, how much did I spend that week? And if there are 4 weeks in the month, how much did I spend that month?  Now if I wanted to save my money and I didn’t buy Starbucks each school day, did I make a bad choice or a good choice?"  We also talked about the importance of saving money, to keep it safe and secure, and to help money grow in value.  Afterwards, I opened the questions up for the kids to ask anything they wanted about what I do for work, and it was a lot of fun watching their thought process play out and the questions they would come up with.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that each of the 3 classes I spoke to, at least 75% of each class had a savings account with the last class having 100% of the students with an account.

At the conclusion of Career Day, the school treated the speakers to a catered luncheon before leaving as a way to say "thanks".  It was a fantastic way to spend a few hours of my morning, sharing what I do for work and talking to the kids about the importance of saving and being smart with their money!

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