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Teaching "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees" to 3rd Graders

Published May 18, 2015

By Devon Foster

One of the things I enjoy most about working for my company is the impact we have in the community.

Now, I’m not just talking about saving consumers money or helping them buy their first car or teaching them about their credit report…

I mean when the employees get out into their personal space and make a difference. Meriwest actually participates in many different charities and volunteering opportunities. I got to be a part of something last week that was life changing, interested to find out more?

So I was taught as a child to save money. If you have extra cash that isn’t spent on needs- SAVE IT. The younger generations (for the most part) don’t do it, they don’t see the value it seems.

So I visited an elementary school in San Jose and presented the concept to them. The best part was that they got it. About 100 third graders in this auditorium got the message. I can’t promise society that they will always follow through with their half of the deal, and put this love affair that we have with debt. But I can tell you that these children are going to see the value in saving money for a bigger need later down the road, rather than spending it today on various wants- such as candy or toys.

I taught them about income and what it means to earn it. I taught them that a need is something required to survive, and that a want sometimes makes your life more enjoyable. We brainstormed ways to make and save money, and shared ideas of how they can help others less fortunate. Some of the children even give charitable donations right now (it made my heart happy.) My hope for these children, that will soon control the future.. is that they learned a value today. I want them to know the value of saving some of their money, rather than spending all of it.

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