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What 'People Helping People' Means to Meriwest

Published August 14, 2015

By Shayne Jerome, FSR

Credit unions around the world strive to embody the motto "People helping people." But what does that mean?

As Financial Service Representatives, our number one goal is to provide our members with the information and tools that will help them better manage their money. There are various steps members can take to improve their financial situations, but they don't know what different options are available to them.

When our members call with questions and tell us what they want or need, we strive to first listen to the entire scenario before asking questions. Once they have the opportunity to explain their situation, their thoughts, and their financial goals, FSRs think of every option Meriwest has to offer them and what might be most beneficial to them, based on our member's unique situation and current place in life.

Meriwest Credit Union employees are part of the community and are passionate about helping our members make the best financial decisions. Your money isn't the only thing we care about! We care about your well-being and success.

Sometimes people make decisions based upon convenience alone and that can cost them. It is our job at the credit union to help our members make the best decision as easily as possible by providing the right tools and references. That's important because money is a part of our members' daily lives, from life-changing events like buying a first car to simply going to work or buying groceries.

One of our members, Jada C., needed some money to help pay for her son's school program. She was going to get a loan online for about 17% APR and had already started the process.

She then came to Meriwest Credit Union and I started helping her. I asked her different questions to better understand her financial state and learned that she had an auto loan with us. I explained to her what Cash-out Refinance is and how this would not only give her the money she needed for her son's preschool program, but also pay off another personal loan - at a better rate! We were even able to lower her monthly minimum payment on her auto loan with Meriwest.

I would like to let members know that with a simple call to us, they could save themselves a lot of money. We truly care about our members and their financial success!

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