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Meriwest employee Melissa Johnson Says Bittersweet Goodbye

Published May 31, 2016

“Meriwest has become my family,” Contact Center Financial Service Representative Melissa Johnson said.  “I have gotten to know some great people that have helped me throughout the years become a better version of me.”

Johnson is leaving our company to help her mother move so they can be closer to family and said she is so lucky to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

“A piece of me will always stay here,” she said.

“I came to Meriwest Credit Union through the merger with Golden Bay,” Johnson said, adding she worked at Golden Bay for seven years before they merged, meaning she has worked for our company a total of 15 years. She also got to work with her mom.  “I was here for a few years when my mom lost her previous job. We had a temporary position in Operational Risk she applied for. After a few years a full time position opened up in Operational Support and she applied for it and got it.”

She said our company has done some great things for the community and the most rewarding aspect of working here has been the people.

“Amazing people work here and it has been my honor being part of such a great working family,” Johnson said. “We have had jean days to support great causes like cancer and animal shelters just to name a couple. We also help students by providing grants or scholarship assistance, which make a huge difference!”

Understandably, she said she will miss her Meriwest family, especially her department the Contact Center.

“The team and management are so supportive and uplifting it is going to be hard not being able to share my day with them,” Johnson said. “No other team will ever be as great.”

Update: Johnson's personal circumstances changed and she continues to work at Meriwest.

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