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Meriwest Keeps Communication Open

Published May 13, 2016

Meriwest Licensed Real Estate Professional John Souza said he keeps four lines of communication open to his clients basically at all times.

“The main thing is I ask [the client] is what works best for them.  Is it in person, phone call, email or text?  Then I keep all four lines of communication open to them to get a hold of me pretty much seven days a week.”

One of Souza’s clients, Aaron, recently shared his testimonial of Souza with us in which he referred to him as a “rock star.” Aaron said he and his wife found the house of their dreams, but it was out of their price range. During the process of trying to acquire the home, Aaron said Souza was very attentive.

“John was very professional and had excellent communication with me throughout the entire process. I'm a needy customer so there was a lot of communication,” Aaron said. “I felt like I was always up to date with where things stood and I always had 100 percent confidence in him.”

Aaron said in their offer, they said they could lift the financing contingency in less than two weeks, a time-frame that is almost unheard of, but Souza was able to assist them.

“John was able to get us there, and we also got a very attractive interest rate through Meriwest.”

Souza said he feels good when he knows a customer has had minimal frustration during processes such as this.

“Getting a mortgage loan today can be very frustrating,” Souza said. “So if I can minimize that I feel really good about it.”  

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