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Student Credit Advice

Published May 24, 2016

“As a high school graduate heading to college many, many years ago, I wish someone had told me the importance of good credit and how it’s important to be responsible with credit,” Meriwest Membership Officer Sheri Supangan said. I would just spend and spend and not even think about the negative effects from a late or missed payments and how it would affect my credit history.”

Supangan said she always tells young adults that it’s going to take time to build that great credit for your future but you have to start somewhere.

“Having your own MasterCard Debit card and College Visa Credit card in your wallet will help you start to be more responsible,” Supangan said. “Start small and go easy on your spending. Only use your credit card if you absolutely need to. Pay your bills on time. In the end, it’ll pay off for your future.”

Supangan suggests students or recent graduates investigate the FLOW Debit card, which is geared towards teens and young adults ages 13-24-year-olds.

Supangan said the following are key selling points for the FLOW Debit card:

  • Freedom! Use anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Independence! Money is secure and safe in your account when you choose to use it. No need to ask parents for cash because it’s already in your account.
  • Responsibility! Get a head start with learning how to manage your money early and it will help prepare you on how you manage your money in the future.
  • Easy Funding! Direct Deposit from employer or financial aid; Parents; Online Banking; ATM; Meriwest or Shared Branch Financial Centers.
  • Design! Personalize with Pink or Black FLOW card.
Supangan said the Meriwest VISA College Rewards Card is geared towards young adults 18-years-old and older with no credit history.

“This, for me, is an easy sell to young adults, especially when they are going to be in college because most young adults that I speak to about this are interested in building their credit,” Supangan said. “It makes them feel like an adult and gives them more responsibility for their life without the help of their parents.”

Supangan said the following are perks of the VISA card:

  • Build your credit for “big” purchases in the future such as your first car or home, signing a lease for an apartment, or a trip to Europe after you graduate college.
  • Easily track your spending and learn better money management
  • Extra money for gas, books, or emergencies.
  • Earn rewards on all your purchases and redeem them for cash back, gift cards, electronics, etc.
  • Make purchases with Apply Pay
For more information on our FLOW card, visit

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