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Scholarship Searching: Consider Quality Over Quantity

Published Oct. 27 2016

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Arguably the most important aspect of scholarship searching is finding and applying for scholarships that are right for YOU, not just applying to every single scholarship you can find. The trick is finding scholarships that you actually have a chance of winning. 

Too many students go for quantity over quality, which means they apply for tons of scholarships without considering whether they really qualify. In fact, according to a GoodCall survey, a third of scholarship providers say that up to 50 percent of applicants do not meet the requirements of their scholarships.

Scholarship search tools can be especially handy, because they can make it easier to find scholarships that are designed for students like you – whether you’re a female engineering student or an English major who loves animals.

For a list of the best scholarship search engines, visit USA Today's article.

Try focusing your scholarship search by filtering results based on identifiers such as: gender, ethnicity, college major, geographic location or school.

There are scholarships intended specifically for male or female students, students with different majors, minority students, and students from different areas of the country. Applying for scholarships with these restrictions will narrow the applicant pool, giving you a better chance of winning.

Furthermore, beyond those basic filters, there are specific scholarships based on things like volunteer work, sexual orientation, disabilities and illnesses, future career paths and general interests – there are even scholarships designed for those with a strong connection to a franchise, like Star Trek fans.

Many scholarships, on the other hand, are open to any student enrolled at an accredited institution, or any student with a certain GPA. These scholarships are often easy to apply for – however this means they get a lot of applicants, making them more competitive.

The preceding information is repurposed from GoodCall.

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