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Meriwest Employees Share Why They Love Credit Unions

Published January 26, 2017

So what are the distinctions between credit unions and banks? Maybe you’ve heard some information about how a credit union differs from a bank, such as: Credit unions are not-for-profit, which enables us to put savings back into benefits for our members that lowers fees and facilitates other customer advantages; Whereas, banks are run by stakeholders, who personally profit from fees.

In addition to these benefits, at Meriwest, there’s one big distinction between credit unions and banks that employees embody every single day with each task, which is our institution is a community. We asked Meriwest employees what their favorite aspect of working with a credit union is and the overwhelming response was: Togetherness within the institution and throughout the community.

“The best thing about working at a credit union is the neighborhood camaraderie,” Financial Services Representative Chris Minor said. “There’s a genuine feeling of connectedness that all us employees and members feel.”

Other employees echoed the sentiment that they use a credit union because the ideals promoted are in line with their own.

Financial Service Representative Anna Phan said she uses a credit union because she feels the important values that she has in life are shared by the institution.

“From what I’ve heard from members, I understand they feel that a credit union staff truly cares about their personal choices and needs, not just financial banking,” Phan said.

Mortgage Broker Jessica Na agrees. “It’s the ‘family-like’ feeling. You don’t feel like just a ‘number,’ like you would at a bank. You get to create really meaningful relationship with your members and coworkers,” Na said.

Hence, credit unions not only offer members fellowship by being involved with other community nonprofits and companies, “they offer a more personable experience with each member’s best interest at heart,” Card Services Specialist Melisa Brandis said.

Though our community involvement and adherence to helping individual members with their needs empowers and excites employees to work even harder, it is also fellow staff who make the credit union experience more enjoyable. Operations Supervisor L.J. Grossweiler said she has learned that good co-workers make a good company.

“We stay not just for our salary but because we like the people we work with,” she said.

Not everyone may clearly understand how a credit union differs from a bank, but through our services and education, we hope to show more people the benefits they could reap from supporting a credit union. Chief Financial Officer Brian Hennessey said he’s often surprised by the fact that communities don’t clearly understand what credit unions are and represent.

“It seems to me that, if everyone knew that we offer virtually all banking-related products and we do so in a friendly manner, credit unions would have an incredible market share,” Hennessy said. “So, we have so much potential if we, as an industry, can better inform communities. “

And once people are informed, we bet they will be disappointed they didn’t switch to a credit union sooner. So, if you are thinking of moving to a credit union remember Meriwest is here to make your life easier; Let us show you the credit union difference! To learn more about Meriwest, visit our webpage.

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