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ROAR Awards Honors Exemplary Employees

Published May 23, 2017

The “Meriwest Way” of conducting oneself and treating others is something that employees can carry out not only at work but in their personal lives, as well, Membership Officer in Operational Support Sheri Supangan said.

“What makes this company different from other companies I’ve worked for is that it truly feels like this is my family away from home,” she said. “We are respectful and supporting towards one another similar to how I treat my friends and family.”

This month, Meriwest had its second annual staff appreciation award ceremony. These awards go by the name of ROAR, which stands for Recognizing Outstanding Achievement and Results. There were five predetermined categories open to nomination and employees sent in letters describing why the fellow employee they picked should win. (Details of awards and their winners are at the end of this post.)

Vice President of Finance and Treasury Jihong Huang said she and other employees heartily believe and feel things they do make a positive impact to the overall health of the organization.

“My everyday here at the credit union is quality time spent with team members that share the same Meriwest value – taking pride and ownership with what we do,” she said.

Supangan said she feels that if you’re passionate about your job and you’re happy where you’re at, you let everyone around you know.

“When I speak to others about where I bank is where I work, I am excited to share the products and services with others as well as the benefits for being a member. When there is a job opening, I tell my friends and family who is currently looking or “stuck” at their job, to apply at Meriwest Credit Union,” she said. “I see myself working at Meriwest Credit Union in the next five to 10 years and maybe even retire here. Who knows! All I know is that right now, I see growth working here. “

As you can see, there are many ways our employees take pride in their work. One of the other aspects Meriwest employees, such as Financial Service Representative Jessica Na, take pride in, is building relationships.

“Whether it be with my colleagues, members that walk in thru the branch doors, volunteering with Meriwest or meeting potential new members at business development and networking events, I love being able to connect with people,” Na said. “I love the opportunity and the platform that Meriwest provides for me to be able to utilize this skill.”

While we here at Meriwest feel it’s important to honor the awesome work of our employees, we understand they are just one piece of the puzzle. Without our amazing members and community support, we wouldn’t be here. Great employees are just one of the many reasons to check out Meriwest Credit Union, President and CEO Julie Kirsch said.

“There are so many examples to show that belonging to a credit union provides great value and satisfaction,” Kirsch said.

To learn more about Meriwest Credit Union, stop by your local branch, or contact us today.

ROAR Award Winners:

Best Example of Community Service: Jessica Na. “Jessica is the one who is at just about every volunteer event I schedule for Meriwest. I know she loves to be out and about in the community, giving back and representing Meriwest.”

Brings Their Best Self to Work: Sheri Supangan. “Every time I call in for assistance or whenever she reaches out, she is always very helpful, kind and willing to help. Whether it is a complicated Trust Account, deceased account or some other legal issues requiring additional research, Sheri confidently provides a solution. Without a doubt she brings her best self to work every single day, she is a pleasure to work with and true asset to our company.”

Brand Champion: Melissa Cleborne. “Melissa is always there to help and support the financial literacy aspects of Community Relations, and I know it’s because a) she is a rock star, and b) she TRULY believes in the benefits and values of Meriwest and what we have to offer to support our members and our community. Every time I have the pleasure of presenting with Melissa, she is a great representation of all things Meriwest. True brand champion!”

The Most Innovative Thinker: Jihong Huang. “Jihong brings her best self to work every day, but further coinciding is brilliance. She is a very smart thinker and always makes recommendations with full thought for the company. There isn’t a day where I leave Meriwest, without having learned something from her.”

Best in FUN: Khanh Nguyen. “No matter how busy our days are she is fun to work with. Khanh motivates me, listening to her speak with members makes me smile. She treats her members as part of her family. She took a vacation for couple weeks and it was so quiet, members passing by me would ask where is Khanh? The Contact Center would call to say her members are looking for her. Khanh has so much energy and always stays very positive. She is the BEST at what she does. Thank you Khanh for being in our team!”

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