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Help Us Help You with Fraud Protection

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Published June 28, 2017

There’s an added security measure for your ATM and Debit Cards. To protect our members from fraud, Meriwest can contact you if there is a question or we suspect that there may be a scam occurring on a transaction. Keep reading to learn more specifics about how it works!

Meriwest does this through our Fraud Center, which monitors your transactions. If it suspects a suspicious transaction from your debit card, either at a merchant, online, or even at an ATM, Meriwest will send you a confirmation message to verify that you are actually initiating this transaction. But, to be able to send you this notification, we need to be sure we can reach you.

So that we can ensure we are sending you the transaction verification message, we need to have your mobile phone number, email address and home phone number (or best number to reach you).

Once we suspect that a transaction may be suspicious, we’ll send you a text message (the message will be from 32874) and an email simultaneously. Please note that the email notification will be from this address: Be sure that you have allowed this email address so that it doesn’t get captured in your junk or spam folder. Once you receive the text message or email, simply reply back to either one with a “Y” or “N” to confirm if the transaction in question is valid or not. That’s it.

If you reply “Y”, you will receive a message that you may continue to use your account. If you reply “N”, your card will be blocked and you will receive a call from a Fraud Specialist to discuss your card. If you would prefer only phone calls, and not text or email notices, you can reply STOP to the notification.

If we have not received a reply, a phone call will be placed to the number we have on file. Keep in mind that if you are travelling, or away from home, you may not be able to respond to the phone call, which could result in your card being blocked and the transaction denied. We would hate to have that happen to you, especially while away from home. Your best solution is to use either text or email and be sure and let us know if you plan to travel in case you don’t have text message or email access.

All debit cards holders are automatically enrolled in this notification feature. But, if we don’t have all your current contact info, we can’t reach you!

We urge you to call us or stop by a branch and make sure that Meriwest has your mobile phone number, current email address, and home phone number (or best number to reach you). Or log in to Online Banking to review your profile and make any necessary changes. Meriwest will not share this information and it will only be used to contact you for transaction verification.

For additional security precautions, we recommend that you consider setting up transaction alerts on your accounts. This can be done by logging into Online Banking and selecting Alerts under the Account Management tab. There are a number of alert options available, feel free to use those that best serve you.

Also consider adding a password to your account. This password will then be required for any transaction that is initiated. Simply call us or stop by any branch and let us know that you would like to add a password to your account. We’ll be happy to set that up for you.

Please don’t hesitate to utilize any of these services now by visiting us at a branch, using online banking, or calling us at 877-637-4937.

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